*New Feature: Introducing Sonar Multi-School

Please Note: This is a webinar/event for Juniper Sonar

Approximately 30 minutes.

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This webinar is for schools who have Sonar Tracker and have purchased Multi School.

This webinar will enable school and trust leaders to discover how Sonar Multi-School can provide a holistic view of a trust’s educational landscape, which will help to identify opportunities to improve educational outcomes for all children.


During the session, one of our expert consultants will guide you through the following:


  • Navigating the system and common report functionality
  • Understanding school headline measures
  • Drilling down to view and analyse detailed reports
  • Comparing performance of individual scores across the trust
  • Analysing key groups (Gender, Disadvantaged and SEN)
  • Subject analysis to aid Teaching and Learning
  • Identifying areas for improvement
  • Ensuring accuracy of data across the Trust

We apologise but there are no future dates currently planned for this event.

To arrange bespoke training or for further information on what we offer please call 01245 968476 or email suzanne.eden@junipereducation.org.