Developing your Management Skills

Please Note: This is a webinar/event for Education HR

Approximately 120 minutes.

£115 + VAT per delegate

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Schools need a clear strategy and vision to succeed, and people are a crucial part of that process.  It is widely accepted that a strong manager will enable an organisation to achieve its aspirations and the aspirations of its people. 
Delegates will benefit from developing their understanding of management and leadership theory and how best to build on such theory to improve their confidence as a leader.
Participants will leave the course having had an opportunity to think about these skills and attributes and how they can build on them.  They will return to work with a clearer view of their roles as managers, eager to use it as the basis for improving performance and achieving better results

At the end of the session participants will: 
  • understand the role of a people manager 
  • have explored the models of leadership and management that underpin best practice 
  • be equipped with the confidence and tools to be an effective manager
  • have a personal insight into their own management style and an action plan to take away with them.