Promoting and supporting Mental Health and wellbeing in schools and colleges a whole school approach

Please Note: This is a webinar/event for CPD

Approximately 180 minutes.

£110 + VAT per delegate

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This 3-hour course will look at how to support Mental Health and Wellbeing in schools and colleges.  During this session we will:

  • Explore the government guidance on embedding a whole school approach to mental health and wellbeing.
  • Examine the 8 core principles to make a whole school approach effective.
  • Discuss how to promote an ethos and environment that respects and values diversity.
  • Investigate a curriculum which promotes resilience and social and emotional learning.
  • Look at how to use student voice to build community and influence decisions.
  • Consider staff development.
  • Examine monitoring and evaluating the impact of interventions.
  • Discuss working with parents and carers.
  • Investigate targeted support and referrals.


We will also explore a variety of strategies that can be implemented in schools, the role of the Senior Mental Health Lead and how to work with external agencies, including working with Mental Health Support Teams.

We apologise but there are no future dates currently planned for this event.

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