School Assessment Leaders: Update meeting - Spring Date

Please Note: This is a webinar/event for CPD

Approximately 120 minutes.

£110 + VAT per delegate

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The School Assessment Leaders (SALs) Update Meetings are focused on both the assessment of learning and assessment for learning. 

The first focus ensures that SALs are as up-to-date as possible in their knowledge and understanding of statutory assessment requirements.  As well as disseminating this information the Course Tutors will provide the names of useful publications and websites to support delegates.  Course Tutors also encourage delegates to ask questions and discuss current issues so that they can return to their schools as fully informed as possible.

The second focus on assessment for learning will include sharing of latest research, presentation of case studies and often the invitation to course delegates to share and discuss with their colleagues.  This last aspect is regarded as particularly valuable as a networking tool that enables delegates to develop their assessment skills in a very supportive environment.


How will the pupils benefit?

School Assessment Leaders have the opportunity in each session to hear about the latest teaching and learning research and practices to enhance children's learning. This includes developing Assessment for Learning strategies to ensure all pupils are taking more responsibility for their own outcomes and supporting them to become creative and independent learners.

How will the school benefit?

Each course gives thorough updates on all statutory assessment requirements throughout the year. This ensures that the School Assessment Leaders are fully prepared and equipped to lead colleagues in all assessment expectations back at school. Each course also has a developmental session where assessment leaders have the opportunity to work with colleagues from other schools to enhance their assessment practices which can be shared with teachers back at school.


'Always the most useful CPD - these meetings are like gold dust! - carry on the good work' (Headteacher)

We apologise but there are no future dates currently planned for this event.

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