Analytics - Best Practice Masterclass

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This is a self-learning module designed to help Sisra Analytics Administrators learn how to set-up Sisra Analytics to an advanced level, to assist staff in school in getting the most out of the service and unlock unused functionality.

During this module you will learn about: 

  • Grade Methods - set-up and naming conventions 
  • Student Data - setting up additional report filters, filter aliases and filter tags 
  • Data Collections – recommended uses and naming conventions 
  • Data Sets - how to use and rename 
  • EAPs – understanding use and best practice for set-up 
  • Matching Page - setting up with accuracy 
  • Faculties - how to create and use 
  • Managing students - dealing with students who have left the school, or dropped qualifications 
  • Data Collaboration - setting up and use 
  • Grade Management and Publishing - troubleshooting and resolving issues 
  • Trackers and Flightpaths - how to publish and include in the reports 
  • Focus Groups - how to create bespoke intervention groups and filters 
  • Attitude to Learning - setting up and use 
  • Sisra Basic Projections (SBP) - how to publish and view in the reports 
  • Settings - changing the defaults to meet the school's needs 
  • Users - setting up groups and analysing usage
  • Target Setting - how to target set using Sisra Analytics 

Once you have applied all of the best practice aspects to your Sisra Analytics account, a member of the Sisra Consultant Team will log-in and take a look at your set-up and make any recommendations going forward. 
Please note that you are booking for on-demand learning and resources using the Juniper Training Centre (JTC). All delegates will receive full instructions on logging in and accessing the course.
This course is designed for experienced Sisra Administrators who are looking to enhance the usability for staff and unlock additional functionality and does not cover set-up basics or navigating the reports. If you are brand new to Sisra Analytics we would recommend our KS3/4 or KS5 Admin training course, which will take you through the set-up process step by step. For Report training we recommend the KS3/4 Reports or KS5 Reports Workshop. 
Please note we need time to set you up as a user and give you access to the course, but we will email you as soon as you can begin your training - it may take up to 5 working days.

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